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The Originals

The artwork below is comprised of works that were designed for prints. While I usually keep the originals, for a limited time, these one-of-a-kind pieces are available to collectors.  -Sheryn


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I used to think my paintings were influenced primarily by nature and the great outdoors. However, I've noticed that an ever-increasing amount of my works have references to food. This piece, Delicacies, give subtle hints about vessels for food and exotic fruits. It is up to the viewer to set the table. Oil & cold wax on 300 gram Arches oil paper. 53 x 78 cm (approx. 21 x 31 inches). Original artwork, signed on the front and the back. Artwork does not have frame. Free shipping for countries within the European Union. Additional shipping charges for countries outside the EU. Please fill-out contact form for more information.

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