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Sheryn's main influence is nature and how objects interact with nature. She is currently co-authoring a book about the influence of nature in abstract art due to be released in 2027. She has worked as an artist and designer since 2002, and more recently, completed a study about Scandinavian art and design. This gave her an appreciation of simplicity and functionalism, leading her to a more minimalist approach in her work. 

"Behind every minimalist design, there is a process of elimination until only the functional beauty remains. This elegant minimalism creates a warm, uncluttered atmosphere that leads to a welcoming feeling of serenity in the home."

Sheryn Bullis as quoted in Lyfstyl Magazine's article, The Poster Club: The Beauty of Scandinavian Simplicity



The art directs me, not I it. My process requires me to stand back and ponder the artwork and my surroundings for long stretches of time. Living and working on an island in Helsinki greatly affects my sculptures and paintings. I am constantly aware of the Baltic Sea, whether by viewing it or by smelling the salt-scented air via an open window. The trees undergo a striking transformation with each season as do the people living here. All of these influences as well as music in the studio infuse my work. My art is abstract, yet it must make sense to me, depending on the composition, the feeling it evokes, the palette and the elimination of all that is unnecessary. Often works that appear simple have been reworked several times to get to that point. A painting or sculpture isn't complete until I look at it and the noise is gone."



ALIUM Gallery, Denmark

Caplan Art, USA



The Poster Club, Denmark

Grand Image, USA

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Atelier 2019 Sheryn Bullis
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