Nordic Art Rising & The Poster Club Collaboration

"Nordic Art Rising is a dissertation that discusses the relationship between nature and abstract art in Scandinavian culture. As a way to connect my assertions on this topic to tangible art forms, I have made works that reflect the Scandinavian aesthetic with careful consideration of minimalism, negative space, color impact, shape, and elements in nature. Prints of selected images are offered via an exclusive collaboration with The Poster Club in Copenhagen, Denmark."


All photos taken by The Poster Club's photographers. Click on images for more information. For purchasing, please go to the following link: The Poster Club.

Grand Image Collaboration

Grand Image is a multi-disciplinary studio of designers, artists and fabricators. They provide a comprehensive portfolio of art products and services for design projects with a focus on hospitality, healthcare, multi-family residential and corporate environments.* Below is a limited-edition collection of artwork made for exclusively for Grand Image.  

*This sentence is from the Grand Image website. Please click on the link for more details.

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